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 ====Poverty==== ====Poverty====
   * [[:​effects_of_family_structure_on_poverty|Effects of Family Structure on Poverty]]   * [[:​effects_of_family_structure_on_poverty|Effects of Family Structure on Poverty]]
-  * [[:​effects_of_marriage_on_child_poverty|Effects of Marriage ​on Child Poverty]] +  * [[:​effects_of_marriage_on_child_poverty|Marriage ​and Child Poverty]] 
-  * [[:​effects_of_single_parents_on_poverty_rates|Effects of Single ​Parents ​on Poverty]]+  * [[:​effects_of_single_parents_on_poverty_rates|Effects of Single ​Parenthood ​on Poverty]]
   * [[:​effects_of_out-of-wedlock_births_on_poverty|Effects of Out-of-Wedlock Births on Poverty]]   * [[:​effects_of_out-of-wedlock_births_on_poverty|Effects of Out-of-Wedlock Births on Poverty]]
   * [[:​effects_of_religious_practice_on_poor_communities|Effects of Religious Practice on Poor Communities]]   * [[:​effects_of_religious_practice_on_poor_communities|Effects of Religious Practice on Poor Communities]]