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Studies on the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

Research Synthesis: Induced Abortion and Breast Cancer

No. Year Reference OR or RR (95% CI) Statistically Significant Positive or Negative Correlation
1 1957 M. Segi, I. Fukushima, S. Fujisaku, M. Kurihara, S. Saito, K. Asano, and M. Kamoi, “An Epidemiological Study on Cancer in Japan,” Japanese Journal of Cancer Research (GANN) 48 (Suppl.) (1957): 1-63. 2.63 (1.85-3.75)* Yes Positive
2 1968 H. Watanabe and T. Hirayama, “Epidemiology and Clinical Aspects of Breast Cancer,” Nippon Rinsho 26 (1968): 1843-1849 (in Japanese). 1.51 (0.91-2.53)* No Positive